Can I use a hair straightener or curly iron?

Although we understand you will wish to straighten or curl your hair from time to time, we would like to point out that we cannot take any responsibility for the results. That being said, we would like to offer you these suggestions so that you will be successful and your gorgeous hair stays healthy. 

We suggest you always first try your iron on just one piece of your hair to make sure that your clip-ons do not get ruined in case you apply too much heat. Also, please remember to always use a heat protection when applying heat on your hair extensions.  This can purchased in most stores that sell hair products. 

It is important to use the lowest heat setting, and try to apply the heat on your hair for as short time as possible. We suggest you start very very carefully, and then apply more heat when you feel more confident about the outcome. 

Make sure that you use a flat iron on hair that has been shampooed and dried thoroughly. Adding heat styling tools to damp hair can singe the hair, leading to breakage and split ends. It’s best to allow your hair to be air dried or blow dried before applying any head in order to reduce hair damage.  

Please remember, if you can use flat irons as little as possible, this will increase the longevity of your human hair extensions. By using minimal heat (medium to low as advised) and by choosing the right flat iron, like those that are ceramic or tourmaline irons, this is a better choice simply due to the fact that they produce even heat distribution on the hair leading to minimal damage to your hair extensions.

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