How do I buy hair extensions online?

There are several factors to consider.


  1. COLOUR: You should choose the right colour and shade so that the extensions look and feel natural, complementing your own hair. Please see our colour chart for available shades. Please remember: if you cannot find a suitable colour, you can also dye the extensions. In this case choose a lighter shade than the colour required.
  2. QUALITY: Quality is one of the most important factors to consider. High quality lasts as long as 12 months, poor quality only a few weeks. Choose hair which has been aligned correctly and the cuticles all point in the same direction. This means the hair will not tangle as easily and therefore is easier to style and manage. It also lasts longer.
  3. USAGE: What are you using your extensions for? Will they suit your lifestyle or occasion? A wedding may require different extensions than a simple volume lift. Clip-In extensions are ideal for both special occasions and ordinary use as they are simple and quick to wear.
  4. QUANTITY: Choose fine extensions for fine hair and thicker, heavier extensions for heavy hair. This way the end result is natural and the extensions blend in well.
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